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07 April 2007


I've been barkin' with my buddy about what I should find in my Easters basket tomorrow mornin'...

... and a big bag of Greenies, and a giant box of ...

Hope all my buddies find some cooools goodies in their Easter basket tomorrow, OR with this big world times thingy, found your goodies this mornin'.

HAPPYS EASTER!!!! And to alls, a good night, OR mornin'!!



Jackson said...

Thanks pal. Hope yours was good too. J x

Freda said...

Thanks Jackson,

Does anydog out theres eat colored Easter eggs? Hear a lots about CHEESE.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Hi Freda,
Thanks for stopping at my blog and saying hi, sorry you couldn't find the comment box don't know why but i got your message.
Thanks for asking how i am feeling, i am so much better, my human mom & dad took me to the dr. yesterday to check out my stitches and all is good, didn't have to have them out, because they dissolve, boy i was a shaking on all fours. You know they always want to stick that thing up your you know what and i hate that. But i am good now for a good yr, as long as i don't catch something before then. Thanks again, hope your doing good as well.
WOOF WOOF Miss Princess