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25 April 2007


Another busys day. Mom went shoppin' for CHEESE and some unimportant stuffs. And then she painted some of the insides of the house.

I smelled the pokers and slept.

Peekin' through the pokers.

Dad painted shutters and worried about jury dutys. Later... Dad drank wine and wondered if they blogged on Gliese 581c.

You can see how importants I was today!

The wine was a cooools Carignane from Jessie's Grove Winery. The vines were 1,2 1,2 (114) years olds when they squashed the grapes. While sippin', he found out that he has no j-duty tomorrows. Maybe Fridays. Soo.. you could say that Dad had a good days.

And I had CHEESE, belly rubs and got ready for beds. Anothers good day.



Sophie Brador said...

Jury duty? Wow! I hope it's not one of those cases where he will be sequestered for ages while the jury argues and debates and just can't reach a consensus. You might have to help them make up their minds, Freda. You're wisdom will be needed ... and maybe they will give you some cheese.

Freda said...

Hey Sophies,

Thanks for barkin' about jury dutys. I just checked for Dad and found out he has been excused from dutys. I think they found outs about how he thinks. Kinda likes a vole. Durin' his last trials, he kept yellin', Hang'em highs, Hang'em highs!

But now that you mention that, if I went, I might get CHEESE, I might just call the judge and ask him to put Dad on the next list. CHEESE!!



FleasGang said...

Hi Freda. Thanks for signing our guestbook! Our red hot pokers are starting to turn right now too. I'll have to get a couple of pics of them. I think they're neat.

The FleasGang

Freda said...

Hey Fleas,

Thanks for signin' my photos guestbook, too. I went to your place and sniffed arounds. It's cooools! I had troubles signin' your book and then I couldn't bark. They said that my user names and passbark were taken. Yeah! I have'em, but they wouldn't let me ins. Or has somedog taken my body? I'll try again.

Those pokers are red hots! We have lots and lots this year. I think our freezes this years helped.



Dory and Liza said...

Freda -

Any PAWTY with belly rubs and cheese is good for me too.

Sorry about the jury duty - my human had to go last month - no fun!

Happy Day - Dory

PerfectTosca said...

Hey Freda, my Mom knows fifty thousand ways to get out of jury duty. She is the ace. Shes like seventeen thousand years old and never served once. Is she unpatriotic or WHAT?

Jackson said...

Like the peeking through the pokers shot! You can never have enough cheese, right? J x

Freda said...

Hey Dorys and Liza,

Luckilys they told Dad they didn't want him for jurys duty this time, but watch outs next time. As Chubby Checkers once said, "It's Pawty Time!"

Hey Toscas,

My Dad has gone several times and found evrybody GUILTYS!! His nickname isn't Judge Roy Beans for nothin'! Arf! Arf! Here comes the judge! Here comes... Or was that Paul Newman? Maybe Sammy Davis, Jr.?

Hi Jacksons,

(I still think of Phil Harris and the Jack Bennys Show every times I bark your name.)

CHEESE forevers!!!



Charlie said...

That Carignane looks really good (my mom says)! I say go for the CHEESE!
- Chuck

Freda said...

Say CHEESE, Charlies. My humans reeellys like that grape juice. Mom the white and Dad the red. Kinda like Vikin's. Arf! Arf!