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20 March 2007


Our buddies Charlie, Indy, Meeshka and probably many mores have mentioned the pet food recall by Menu Foods. I hopes that no dog or c-a-t was involved in this terrible situation.

My secretary orders my foods from Flint River Ranch. I recommend it cuz it tastes reallys good, it is baked and is shipped right to your doors. They have several flavors and even have food for c-a-t-s. There are several resellers of this product. Just search for Flint River Ranch if you want to looks at all the different vendors. I have not checked how much monies it costs at other places. I just love it. And my home away from homes, Sycamore Lane Kennels, is impressed that I get to munch on Flint Rivers. They say it is a good food and they don't see it that often. That makes me prouds.

One twos one twos one tw... Whoa! There's alots!



Simba said...

Thats worrying. I hope all my doggie friends are ok.

Simba xx

wally said...

This is the second major recall in a year! Troubling. Your food looks good--you're probably right that the smaller suppliers are safer.


ps. your slideshow/map is way cool!

Toby said...

Mmm, your food looks yummy!~ Yes, we heard about the recall. Mommy also found out that the company didn't issue the recall until a month after they initially found out about it!! Can you believe that??? You can read about it from this vet's blog. Here's the link:

Sorry the link is so long!~


Snowy said...

mmmm!!! that does look yummy.



Charlie said...

Ymmmmmm... I'd like to stick my head in a bag of Flint River Ranch dog food! Or pretty much ang bag of dog food!!
- Chuck

Fu Fu said...

Yeah, that's so scary that cat and dog food are not safe...

~ fufu

Jackson said...

I agree with Charlie, I'd love to get even close enough to a bag of dog food to stick my head in it. J1 & J2 keep all my supplies way out of reach. I can jump pretty high! J x

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

I have been laying low since the Ides of Pippinary approached adn passed, but luckily nothing ill befell us--as evidenced especially by the fact that no DWBers seems to have been hit by the Menu Foods debacle.

Glad you eat Flint River Ranch. My people are trying to go raw with us, but they are having a hard time of it, being vegetarians and all.

See ya

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

We got news of this over here in HK too - truly worrisome. Fortunately, none of the recalled brands were imported here.

Hopefully all the dogs and cats won't be affected anymore.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You sharing Freda?

Bussie Kissies

Sophie Brador said...

Sounds yummy. I wonder if they ship to Canada.

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

Another good food kinda like that is Orijen, thats what I eats!

Holly said...

Luckily our humans feed us Blue Buffalo cuz it's all natural and doesn't have any wheat, soy, or other grains. It's all natural so very safe for us. I'm sure sorry about all those other doggies and kitties out there who aren't so lucky. I am praying they will all get well!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Wowsa! look at all those widgety web 2.0 thingies all over your blog. And some come through fine on my Dogberry. Wow, I go away for a few months and everyone gets cool stuff all up in their blog.

Oh, and I'm still eating straight deer meat and potatos (no "e" in that one, cause I'm old school and afraid of finding toenails or something in there somewhere or something.


PerfectTosca said...

I'm glad your human feeds you the good stuff. Me too. I'm a canidae dog.

But today I nearly gave her a coronary when I surfed the counter and ate a whole Kashi bar. Then I threw up.

Freda said...

Hey Simba, Wally, Tobes, Snowy, Charlie, Fufu, Jackson, Pippins, Furkids, Buster, Sophies, Bruce, Holly, Cal and Tosca,

Whew! I just wonders if this is the end of this. Apparentlys, the Chinese use melamine to fertilize food crops. So I don't think I'll be eatin' Chinese stuffs until I get a better ideas of what is goin' on.

I, too, certainly hopes no more pets fall prey to this BIG mistake.

Thanks Wally and Cals,

I hopes all that fancy pants stuff that my secretary plopped on MY blog while I was gettin' my beautys sleep doesn't take to long to load. Some of it is just for a whiles, I think.

Hey Cal, hope you haven't eaten Rudolf. Santa's got to get to my house somehows. Arf! Arf!

Pippin, I tried the Give Your Dog A Bone diet some years ago, but I didn't like all the veggies. Yuckies!!

Buster, sure I'll share, after I gets my share.

Sophie, I don't know if they ship to Canada. There are several resellers of Flint River dog and c-a-t foods. Maybes one twos one twos (one) is near you.

And Toby, thanks for the informative and cooools site.

Everydog has probably sniffed around these sites alreadys, but here are one twos one twos (two) sites of interest: and


Freda (Ƨ)

Jack Attack said...

When my humans found out about this they checked ASAP! I get special food too though from the doctor, and I loooove it! ;)

Freda said...

Hey Jacks,

That's great that your humans are taken good cares of you. I think for now on, we've reeeallys got to beware of what kinda food we eat and make sure our humans keep their noses in the airs for any more bad news about bad foods.