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15 February 2007


Well, Dad's back from seeing his mum and dads, YIPPIEE!!! Everythin' was great 'cept all that snow that's been pilin' up there. Dad forgot my spy camera and only had his wimpy farbarkers camera. So no photos of all that snows. Luckily GMum and GDad don't live in New Yorks or my Dad would be lost somewhere in a drift. Hee, hee! But he and GMom and GDad did find one twos one twos (two) geocatches. Cooools! Anyway, he's home now. Mom and I had a great times without him, don't tell, and now we're one twos one twos (one) happy family again.

Yesterday, BIG RED HEART DAYS, my humans went to have eats with Parfait's humans. They even brought Parfaits with them. Luckys! Parfait's humans are learnin' to be wood turners. They make cooools bowls and stuffs! I turn corners!

Miss you Parfait!!

They had a great times, but again, NO DOGGIES BAG!!! Can't they get it through their little heads... Eats means doggie bag!

While eatin', Parfait's dad mentioned that he hadn't read anythin' new on my blog lately. How trues, how trues. I thought about it and WOW! Every weekend and everys week of this year, my humans have been goin' somewhere or doin' somethin'. They have never been this busy, even when they worked at a job place.

Then I realized that
Meeshkary was over...

Where'd ya go Meeshka? Gone already?

Samuary was half overs...

And Sam's goin' soooo fasts, too...

I've to got keep my DWB Calendar close at paw. Time is runin' aways. And now Tule's comin' tomorrow!!!! HELPS!!


Simba said...

Where does the time go.

Simba xx

Freda said...

Hi Simba,

I think it goes behind us. Every once in a whiles, I hear it go by my tail and then I feel better. If that is the case, then time flies past you first then me, cuz you lives east of me. But then do we have to be facin' east? Do you feel betters when time goes by?

Hmmm... heavy stuffs, as my typist would say.



Charlie said...

Barke diem, I always say!
- Charlie

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Y'know, I had a thought and that can be dangerous. About time and calendars and measuring and stuff. I mean, how can it be New Year in China if it's Samuary already?

Bussie Kissies

Freda said...

Et tu, Charlie?



Freda said...

Hey Busters,

By the time you dig to China, it will be the New Year.



Sam Iam said...

Hey Freda~~
That mug looks like me, Here today, gone tomorrow. February's almost over, and that means one thing: March.woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

Freda said...

Hi Sam,

That sooo cooools that you have a month named after you. Next month, Pippinary, is almost here. Can't believe it!



Shmoo said...

What a beautiful fluffy husky that is gracing the January calendar.