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19 December 2006


Today I heard a sad news storys about the terrible bushfires in Victoria (NPR : Severe Fires Threaten Australian Wildlife).

I didn't feel very wells after listenin' to the sad story of some our wild buddies gettin' burned down in OZland. Luckily, as fars as I can sniff, none of our Australian DWB buddies have seen any fires and only Ebbi smelled some smokes. That made me happys.

Then I read a cooools story about how humans celebrate the Christmas holiday when far from home. ( Living - Keeping festive tastes of home) Then I wondered how my paw pals celebrated their holidays. I know manys celebrate with lots of foods, a tree, humans, Santa and gifts. What kind of foods, trees and stuffs?

As I have barked in the past, I have sauerbraten and potato pancakes for T-Bird (S) Day. YUMMERS! And one two, one two (three) years ago, when we moved to the left coasts, we started to have tamales on Christmas Eve. YUMMERS, again!

Just wonderin's.


Anonymous said...

It starts with the drive around looking at all the X-mas lights with Grrramma, Aunt Ka and Mommy the night before X-mas Eve. We have the top down and I get to go too!

Then, on X-mas Eve we have a smorgasbord kinda thing with all kinds food for everybody to take, and hopefully drop on the floor for me. This is sposed to make it easy for Mom for X-mas day's BIG DINNER!

Rumor has it we are having standing rib roast along with other secrets for X-mas (twice stuffed jarlsberg, lump crab, vermouth taters, and brandied mushrooms and tons more).

We have tons of people over X-mas Eve, even if they just stop in to say hi and eat. They usually bring bottles and presents. After eating and eating and drinking the rents go to sleep about 3 am.

We get up early X-mas morning so Mom can start her cooking, exchange our Santa gifts. Then Daddy goes out visiting around so he's out of Mommy's way. About 2 in the afternoon the eating and drinking starts again. Then Daddy plays Santa and gives out everybody's gifts. Then more eating and drinking....then everybody leaves about midnite and Mom and Dad and me just crash.

Then more company the next 2 days for leftovers!

I love holidays...eating is the reason!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

We celebrate by just relaxing. Oh wait, we do that every day!!! hahaha!

Actually, mom made us our very own stockings with our names on them, and she puts some gourmet doggie treats in them that she buys at a special store. Then we get lots of mommy and daddy snuggle time, which is the best present a dog can get!


Anonymous said...

This is my 1st Christmas so I don't know what will happen. I'm looking forward to it though.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda! Your messages came through! I think the whole "old bloggie/new bloggie" thing has commenting ALL KINDS of messed up. More than normal.
Tail wags,

Anonymous said...

Hey Freda,

I'm just expectin' food this hols. I don't care what flavour, really.

And re the bushfires: thanks for the concern. We're fine here in Adelaide; Victoria and Tasmania are having it bad though.

Today we've just had a huge amount of rain (first time in months), this rain will be in Victoria and Tas tomorrow so it'll be a welcome change and will help with the firefighting there.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Freda said...

I tried replyin' several hours ago and lost all my barkin's. Thanks Blogger.

Hey Bussie,

Those shiny lights are cooools, aren't they? We have a fews around here.

All that foods, Bussie. I can smell the rib roast and taters and schrooms and crabs now. I'll be dreamin' of a smorgenborden this dark.

I love all that foods and stuffs. What's a smorgenborden?


Freda said...

Hi Holly,

Times to spend with your humans. Ahh...the goods life. Tummy rubs, and snuggles and slobbery licks. Ruff! And socks with fancy treats in them.

That's cooools!


Freda said...

Hi Simba,

Your first Christmas. WOW! That's the bestest one two one two (one). All those treats and toys and stuffs... I think I need to help you get through it.


Freda said...

Thanks Storm,

My secretary and I have been battlin' beta and blogger all lights. Things seem to be right this dark.


Freda said...

Thanks for the update, TinTIn,

Glad you're safes and the water is beginnin' to fall. The radio said that the koalas were disappearin' reeeallys fast anyways and the fires were gonna make them disappears, forever, even faster.

Foods, foods, and more foods. Dad's tummy is gettin' upset alreadys cuz he's eatin' sooo much. Hee, hee.


Freda said...

After readin' all your barks about all the foods, and treats and stuffs and how you will be celebratin' Christmas, I asked Dad if I could visit everydog's house and help them have fun. He said, if I had the times and moneys, I could. I think I need to barks with Santa. He's the only one two one two (one) who could get me everywheres in time. Or ... WAIT! Maybe Mr. Marley's ghost or Scotty or Dr. Who could do it too. Hmmm... I've got lots to do.

It's sooo cooools the many ways we celebrate the season. I'm sooo glads that everydog and their humans are gonna be sooo happys.

**All that foods... Hmmmm... **


Anonymous said...

Freda, do update us what yummies you're getting for xmas

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda!!!!

I've been celebrating Christmas a few times now and I'm looking forward to this one as well. There is always some leftovers!!!

My family is always eating rack of lamb ribs for Christmas day, but in Norway it's also common to eat both pigs and reindeer (yes, believe it or not..). And of course we eat a lot of christmas cakes and drink a lot of beer, wine and alcohol in general...

We have a christmas tree just like you guys I think, but we are not setting it up before Christmas day (24/12). 24-26 are national holidays in Norway - that's great so I can play with my dad all day!!!

We always celebrate together with our families. This year will my dad's parents come visiting us.

And of course there are a lot of christmas presents.... I'm looking forward to that - last year I got a lot of yummy stuff!!!

I will blog some more at my site telling about how we celebrate in Norway.

I wish you and your family all the best for chrismas and happy new year!!!


Freda said...

Hi Fu Fu,

I got a whiffs of a package that might be for me. Hee, hee. It smells reeeeallys good.

Actually for me, I may get some chickens tamales and pork tamales for Christmas. But I am a strange dog. I don't eat manys human foods, like a lot of my bloggin' buddies. I like CHEESE!!!, chickens, beefs and porks. That is about all. I just loves my dog food. See, I'm weirds, like my Dad!

Hope you have a great Christmas.


Freda said...

Hi Günter,

Wow! Rack of lambs. I haven't had anys of that. Dad had lots of lambs in Portugal. He reeeeallys likes it. Wish I could have some.

When Mum and Dad lived in Alaska they had caribou sausage. Guess that is reindeers too.

My humans will have tamales, wines, chocolates, sambucas, cookies and fudges Christmas Eve, and strada for Christmas breakfast.

My G-Parents and my Dad's sister will celebrate in Colorado. Part of my Mom's family will celebrates in Kansas and others in San Diego. And we will go to Tule's home and celebrates with my Mom and Dad's son and his wife and her parents here in Californias. Whew! Our family is spread all overs!

We will go to Tule's place Christmas Eve and have tamales and watch the turnin' silvers tree. It is a metals tree from the 1960s. Real retro! Before breakfast, everyone stays in their PJs and opens presents. Yippies! Then strada!

The 26th is Boxing Day in some countrys, but not heres. I wish it were though. We will give some goodies to our postman, police humans and fire humans tomorrows.

As you can see, our Christmas is rather low keys. There are few gifts anymore. Just bein' with family is cooools!

It neato to read about how my buddies celebrate Christmas. The celebrations are different, but also the same in many ways.

Sounds likes you're gonna have lots of funs! Dad, can I see Günter this weekends?

We wish you and your the best this holidays season.


Anonymous said...

Hey Freda,

Bushfires are STUPID, and so are the idiots who deliberately start them !

Mum is already grumbling about having to do the "family thing" for Christmas day - she would much prefer to stay at home and spend the day with us :-)

Merry Christmas to you and your family - I hope 2007 is full of lots of bones and treats :-)


Anonymous said...

hi freda,

good question about the holiday celebrations. it's funny because in my house the naked apes don't really celebrate it--no tree or lights or nothin'--but it is a big to-do for us dogs! we usually get special treats like fish and eggs and this year we're getting bones. (that's supposed to be a secret so don't tell). and we always get toys. my sister only plays with tennis balls so she's getting tennis balls. and a ball shaped like a football. i play with squeakies so that's what i usually get. before we get prezzies, though, we get to go to the b-a-r-k-p-a-r-k. i'm not so social anymore (i'm an old man) so we just go for a nice long walk.
the rest of the day is relaxing. and gas from the rich food, of course. 'tis the season.


e said...

Hi Freda
Fei will still be in Singapore this Xmas and willonly join us in Feb (because of quarantine). I'm sad that we can't celebrate our first Xmas together in Japan so we're actually going to re-create Xmas in Feb when she gets here. I'll show her the Xmas cards she has gotten.

Hope you have a great one.
Fei & E

Freda said...

Hi Opy,

We had some fire starters in south Californias too. The fire killed severals firemen. Fire starters are reeeeals dummies.

I like a reeeallys slow Christmas. Foods but not a lot of action. We're goin' to Tule's tomorrow dark and comin' back the next light.

I wish a Happy Christmas to you and Charlie and your humans and hope your New Year is full of neato stuffs.


Freda said...

Hi wally,

We didn't put up a tree this year eithers. If I can't pee on it why bother. Mom and Dad say it's what's in your hearts that counts. I can count...One two, one two... It's pretty easy.

Sounds like you guys are gonna get a bunch of good stuffs for Christmas! Dad, can I go to wally's?

I don't know if I ever was social. I've only made one two one two (three) solid buddies in the past several years but lots and lots of virtual buddies in the big ether. No butt sniffin', no fightin' and my secretary types everythings for me while I'm lyin' in bed. That's cooools!

Foods, foods, foooods!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Freda said...

Hi E and Fei,

That quarantine thingy sure disrupts a lot of vacations and trips. That's too bad, but soons you will be together. I wonder how Santa gets his reindeer through quarantine so fasts?

One two one two (two) Christmases. Cooools! Dad, can I visit Fei and E?

Merry Christmas to everyone there, twice.