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19 September 2006


I've been tagged by Ivy and Raisa. Now I have to stay up ALL night (Just Arfin'!) and think reeeeally hard and come up with five things that make a true blue dog friend. That's reeeeally hard.

Up at sunrise to get this post goin'.

I have to bark, that all my Paw Pals are sooo cooools. They have all coaxed their humans to take advantage of the big ether out there and share their stories. Stories about the wonderful human families that live with them. Their canine families and friends. Yes, even their C-A-T friends. They help less fortunate canines find their forever homes and help other canines find their lost humans.

My secretary has learned A LOT about bloggin' by readin' and studyin' my buddies' blogs. (He could have asked me, but...) We have made a lot of cooools friends. We have learned about different places around the world. I've learned that my humans reeeally need me and I guess I need them. I can tell the same is happenin' with my bloggin' pals when I read all the great blogs out there. We can all bark great jokes and stories. We can help each other and especially our humans.

I guess I just want to thank all my Paw Pals for makin' this experience sooooo wonderfuls. You're all true blue dog buddies. Ruff!

That's number one two one two (one).

Not Pastis! This isn't that hard. All you have to do is type!

2) A true blue friend shares their Greenies with me so I don't have to share mine. Arf! Arf!

3) Helps with my vole hunts.

4) Keeps LWDs (Little White Dogs) away from me. (I was attacked by one two one two (one) when I was playin' on the big cat box next to the big water. See the scar on my nose in next photo.)

5) Knows of a good, available secretary who will work for licks. Mine is lookin' at a pink slip any day now. And his need for chocolate and booze is gettin' out of paw! Help!!

Okay, now type...

I'm gonna tag these lucky dogs, Copper, Dusty Doodles, Fargo, Jack Attack, Shasta, Spirit and Stella and Willow. It will be excitin' to find out what they think makes a great dog friend.

Cooools, dog.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I just pee-mailed you some greenies! Now my you-mans want some chocolate and beer, okay?

Bussie Kissies

Freda said...

Hey Buster,

Thanks for the Greenies! I had another true blue doggie friend item; A dog that leaves a lot of pee-mail for me. You're soooo cooools!



Freda said...

Ooooops Buster,

Forgot. Sorry about the choco and suds thing. Let your you-mans try a Pisco sour (
) instead of beer. Tryin' to make one two one two (1 or 2) of those will slow him down some what.

Wait a minute... Dad says those pee (Arf! Arf!) sours are mighty good. Maybe you should keep the pisco locked up.