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03 July 2006


(This is a reprint of my postin' last year at this time, with a few additions.)

Again, my typist wants to thank everyone here and in the rest of the United States of America*(or USers) for celebrating the third anniversary of his retirement. Parades, fireworks, barbies and even takin' the day off. Why such importance be put on the fourth of July for just one human, he can not understand. He believes the colonies' declaration of independence from Great Britain on 2 July, 1776, is much more important, but no one celebrates that important date. Actually, why are we not celebratin' 15 May 1776 when '...the Virginia convention at Williamsburg had resolved unanimously to instruct the Virginia delegation at Philadelphia "to declare the United Colonies free and independent states"'? (John Adams, David McCullough, 2001)

Yes, the declaration was authorized by three men on the 4th so it could be printed, but 'the actual signing of the document would not take place until Friday, August 2' (John Adams, David McCullough, 2001)(No celebration.)
, with the last signature applied in January 1777. (There is some question as to the date of Mr. Thomas McKean's signing the document.) He also asks why 3 September, 1783 (The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783) is not celebrated with even more vigor. That is the date the colonies officially became independent. (The first public celebration was held on 8 July, 1776.) Well, if other humans want to celebrate my human's retirement in this manner, so be it. To my human, HAPPY RETIREMENT!

*As posted earlier, the citizens of every country from Canada to Chile are Americans. If they live in the West Indies, North, Central or South America, they are an American.

P.S. As you can tell, my male human is a literal, sometimes scientific human, and it drives Mom and me crazy!!! Arrrrrrrrrrr!!


schnoodlepooh said...

we just wish you a quiet day without too many loud bangs from fireworks.

Freda said...

Hey Bailey, Baxter and Your Mom,

Thanks for the wish. We have no fireworks here. Lots of ooooold humans here so no loud noises. We did have a big BANG today, though. We watched the shuttle blast off. It was sooooo cooool! Mom's brother is in charge of makin' the external tank. We are sooo glad everything went well. I'm workin on my next post about that right now but my secretary is fallin' asleep...Hey! WAKE UP!... at the magic typer so I better let him go to bed. Bark at ya next day.

Woof! (Yawn)