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17 June 2006


Last night Mom, Dad and I watched a very interestin' Korean movie, Oldboy. On movie nights, before the lights go down, Dad brushes my teeth so I'm already for bed. (NO TREATS DURIN' THE MOVIE! I MAKE TOO MUCH NOISE.)

I can do it myself...

Like most of the movies we watch, Mom or Dad has to read it to me.

W.. O... O... I got it! WOOF! That was easy!

After about one two one two (20) minutes or so they get tired readin' to me and I go to bed. I've gotten pretty good at translatin' some stuff. I usually know what the dogs are barkin' in the Spanish, Flemish, Japanese and Korean films. Ruff!

Now the weirdness. This mornin' I happened to see on Ivy's blog, Squirrels are Evil!, that she posted a story about watchin' a movie with her parents too. I barked to her that "Somethin' is REEEEEALLY weird! We must be twins or somethin'. Maybe somethin' was goin' on in the the big ether last night. I was gonna to post the same story, but you beat me to the punch.
Hope you don't think I'm a copydog. I have noticed that similar stories appear on dog blogs at the same time. There's something in the air. Or is it the water? Or the big greenhouse roof up there is bouncin' ideas all over the place.
Wait...MIND MANIPULATION! That's it!

Watchin' movies with family is neato, isn't it. It expands your mind. No matter who is controllin' the grey matter.

And the mind control thing kinda came out in the movie we watched last night, too.



Ivy said...

hey hey freda! i dont think our minds are being controlled by anydoggy out there. i haf another theery insted.

i haf noticed that wen peepol spend a lotta time together talkin and havin fun they start to sound like each other. in fact sometimes my peepol say the same exact thing at the same exact time. that makes them laugh.

so my theery is that all us dogs who read each others blogs every day get to be more like each other the more we read. in fact charlie just barked on my blog that he likes watchin soccer with his peepol. i think he is starting to spell like me. we have a dog community!

evenchully we will all start blogging the same things at the same time. that will be reely funny.

so dont worry about being a copydog. it just meens that we are good friends.

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

Thanks for explainin' things for me, good buddy! I've noticed too, that humans start lookin' like the dogs that care for them. I just hope that dogs don't start lookin' like their humans. If that ever happens, I'm in big trouble!

I was reminded of the movie, Colosus, The Forbin Project (
) when you barked "evenchully we will all start blogging the same things at the same time." A magic typer tried to take over the world. That won't happen, will it, good buddy?



Raisa Husky said...

Freda, you are right!
I also noticed that. Sometimes I think about posting a story but some dog has posted it before me! Perhaps it is the prove that all living beings are brothers and sisters?
Liks :P

Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

Yes, we're all brothers and sisters. Wish the humans could figure that out. Maybe they have evolved too far from their beginnings.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and dogs are from....Earth? That might explain it.

Congrats to your football team!!