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18 June 2006


Looks like we may have to stop buyin' stuff from Japan, Norway , Iceland and other places if they start killin' our big brothers of the sea. Please read BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Japan gains key whaling victory and the linked stories. BAD HUMANS!!!

HAPPY HUMAN DAD DAY!! to your human dads.


Günter said...

Hi Freda,

In truth there are many whale species (about 80) - some of them have very large populations. An example is the minkes. Iceland and Norway only hunt minkes and the vast majority of the Japanese catch consists of minkes. If these countries double their catches this will have negligible effect on whale populations.

In Norway we compare whale killing to other types of hunting, and do not agree that whales are different from species that is considered ok to hunt by the international community. What probably makes some people so anti-whaling is that to our senses whales appear large, intelligent and majestic - possibly the same reason people get so irate over canned lion hunting and elephant culling. I find it odd that our sense of aesthetics determines whether we get upset over animal killing - animals that have less intelligence than the pig killed to produce our breakfast bacon...

I guess it is easy for you Americans to pick an issue that is easy for you to moralize over, and to try to force that view on everyone else. When you are pointed to a similar issue that is not as easy for you to discontinue, similar moral points seem to evaporate. Cattle farm is one example I guess..

No hard feelings Freda, but I just had to comment your boycott posting…

Günter – Norwegian…

Freda said...

Hey Günter,

MY DAD MADE ME DO IT! Thanks for your interestin' reply. It's nice to hear from someone other than the news humans and politicos about important stuff. And it's nice to hear from someone with a different point of view. Now we've learned something new and we have a better understandin' of how humans in Norway feel about this subject. If more real humans could talk about differences like this the better off we all would be.

My mom gets upset with my dad because he likes to push all kinds of buttons that other humans don't want pushed. Why not?, he says. Humans usually bark about the same ol' things that are not very interestin' and he doesn't learn anything new. So he gets into trouble sometimes. (I'm here to protect him.) As you know, the quality of the information one assimilates depends upon, where it was written, the author, how may drinks one has had, etc. It is sooo difficult to get the REAL 'story'.

There are questions or statements, discussions, answers, rebuttals and hopefully compromise and understandin'. Compromise is not a dirty word. From the latest news headlines there is a compromise at the IWC. (
) Ruff! Ruff!

See, my dad made a generalized, uninformed statement, you explained your country's attitude towards whalin' and now there is a compromise at the IWC. Voilà! Amazin'! This big ether thing works! And dad has a better understandin' of whalin' from the Norwegian point of view.

Thanks for the insight, Günter. Discussion is good, even though Dad is in trouble again! He was a BAD HUMAN! He was a 'USer' and victim of that properpanda.

We live in the 'Untied' States and are called Americans but everydog/human that lives in South, Central and North 'America' and the Caribbean is an 'American'. We need to come up with a moniker that reeeeeally identifies us. Dad thinks it should be U.S.ers. We are from the Untied States and we are usin' EVERYTHING up! But that might not work, cuz the offical name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

Hmmm.... Dad still likes USer.



Charlie said...

Hi Freda,

That was a really interesting post from Gunter. You have cool friends!

- Charlie

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Günter and his humans are cooool, aren't they. It's nice to have buddies like that (You too) all over the place so we can learn about different stuff, ideas and thoughts.

I'm sooo happy that there is that big ether thing out there and we can bark all over the place without leavin' home. Even better than a farbarker. I would hate havin' to walk to Oregon or Norway or Brazil or Australia or Hong Kong to bark with my buddies and leave pee mail. I would probably get sidetracked with all the pee mail I would find on the way and get lost.