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15 April 2006


My new food with that Condi Rice glucos and chondro stuff in it has arrived.

I know this is for me!

I guess Dad has to mix it up with some of my old food for a while so I and my tummy get used to it.

No glitzy graphics. Coool! Just plain and simple.

I hope I like this stuff. I HATE those 'chewable' tabs! Yuck!! Ground up, inserted, hidden in chicken broth. No matter how they try to fool me, I know those tabs are in my food.

Mmmm..Smells good. None for my humans.

Oh! They're broken! Arf! Arf! But they taste yummy.

Will let you know how this stuff likes me.


IndyPindy said...

Oh, Flint River Ranch is VERY good food! Make sure your dad reads the bag, the food has a lot less filler than other dog foods, so they can feed you a little less.

My grandma didn't read the bag and Amber gained a few pounds before mom read the bag and figured it out!

puppytoes said...

so? is it as yummy as it looks?? i'm so spoiled these days, i actually prefer canned food--or better yet, the food my mommy and/or daddy "cook" for me (sunny's miracle diet-- a very excellent/balanced meal for dogs)... but once in awhile, bobo and i love to chomp down on something good and crunchy. and fillers are bad, so i'm quite certain my mommy would be very interested to know how this new food works out for you! guess i'll stop back by in a fews days to find out!

hope you and your people have a Hoppy Easter, Freda! : D

Ivy said...

hey hey freda, i hope the food is tasty and that your rotator stuff feels all better reely soon!

hoppy easter!