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10 March 2006


It's amazin' how the stars line up. Recently, I have been readin' about those new dog farbarkers by Pets Mobility on two of my buddies' blogs,

Thanks to Sam I Am and Zoey's Beagle World.

I'm thinkin' how cool that would be, walkin' around the hood and barkin' to Tule down in Alameda, Parfait in Petaluma or maybe one of my paw pals out in the big ether! At the same time, my humans were havin' problems with their cordless farbarker.

The other day Mom came back from one of her spendin' monies trips and she had a new barksender. Coool!

I'm ... sniffin' a ...farbarker!

So...where's mine?

I ask Dad if I can have one too. Sure, he says and sets up the old one in my room.

Cooool! My own farbarker.

Wait a minute! This one has a wire and it's the one you guys don't want! What gives? I want one like the puppy has in the picture!

'OK,OK,' Dad says. 'Let's see what we can do.'

OH, DOG! This is gonna be sooo coool!

Just like the puppy!

This is NOT what I meant!!


Ivy said...

wow freda, your own farbarker! my peepol tryd to get me to bark in theyr farbarkers but i said no way. maybe im just an ol fashoned dog but i say if you cant bark loud enuf or send it in pee mail, it iznt worth saying anyway.

did you see that dog farbarker has a gps on it? does that meen dogs can go geocaching by themselves? or does it meen the skwerrels can track you down? hmmmmmm.... i smell something skwerrly afoot.

Woofwoof said...

Some people. I would eat that phone and teach them to leave dogs to their natural beauty and coolness.

JuliaR said...

Veru funny! I especially liked the head in the box photo.

Freda said...

Hey JuliaR,

You never know what one may find in those boxes. I think I picked up that habit while I was on the streets lookin' for somethin' to eat.

Bark 'Ruff' to Rockwell for me.



Raisa Husky said...

Mummy was having a really hard and stressful day today with her work. Then, she came to your Blog to relax a little and you know what? You made her laugh... She is still laughing now!
Well, hope she does not laugh all day, otherwise she won't get the money to buy my treats, toys and food - or even one of those farbarker-barksenders.

Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

Sorry I made your mom laugh so much. Maybe I was a circus clown dog before I was adopted. But laughin' is good for humans. It keeps them healthy so they can get more monies for treats, toys and food for us dogs. Laughin' is good for dogs, too. It helps our lungs stay healthy.

Hope your mom keeps laughin' wherever she is.



Zoey Mae said...

Very cute! I wish I'D thought of that. Mom could get me a new farbarker now!! It looks a little big, though. And it don't look like the puupy in the sure that's a real PetCell???

-Zoey Mae

P.S. Thanks for the credit on the photo, though I got it from the net pics. Licks to all!

Freda said...

Hey Zoey Mae,

Dad just remembered that he had an aunt with the name Mae. A pretty name.

I have been thinkin' about those farbarkers. I know they can make humans smile and Arf!, but they can also make humans unhappy and talk reeeeeally loud. I think I am gonna stay with pee mail. That way, if I want to read it, I have to drag my humans to the 'mail box' and we all get some exercise and we're all happy.