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20 March 2006


My secretary told me this story, again, and I thought I might bark it to you, again. (Dad says it reminds him of showin' slides/videos of one's trip to guests.) BORIN'!!!

Mom and Dad felt a little pang when they heard about Queensland gettin' hit by bad boy Larry. Luckily the place they stayed 12 years ago, Cairns, barked cans, not cAIRns, as news humans here seem to call it, missed the brunt of the storm. (BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Cyclone batters Australian coast)

They were on a divin'/adventure trip with their human puppy who was made in Australia. Unfortunately, he wasn't born there or he could have had dual citizenship. They also spent several days at Silky Oaks Lodge outside of Mossman next to the Daintree Rainforest, the oldest rainforest on earth. Mom got to bottle feed an orphaned joey. Birds would visit them at their table in the dining room and there was a large yard where orphaned roos and wallabies roamed. And when they walked in the rainforest after dark, they reeeeally could not see their hands in front of their face. It was black. Just black.

Apparently Silky Oaks and the rainforest were not damaged. Twelve years ago, Silky Oaks was a little more rustic than their website now portrays. There were no Riverhouses. No spa. And there were no canoes. They did snorkel in the cold Mossman River. They were not told that saltwater crocs could be found that far up the river, until after they finished their swim. Ruff!

Just over 31 years ago, Mom and Dad were livin' in Melbourne (barked, Mel-burn) when cyclone Tracy tore into Darwin, NT (Northern Territory). It was quite a disaster. (Tracy-Christmas Eve 1974) That brought up the subject of when the Japanese first bombed Darwin in 1942. (Darwin was bombed 64 times) Mom and Dad were taken to the hills outside of Melbourne to see where the rich Melbounites fled to their country homes in case Japan bombed Melbourne. Quite the picnic panic.

Any dog or human still awake? I'm done for now.

1 comment:

Raisa Husky said...

Yes, my human and I are still awake ;)
For us Brazilians it is quite hard to figure out what means a town completely destroyed by huge cyclones or bombings - we never had this here.

Well, it is true that we are now having stronger storms and we have just learnt what cyclone, tornados or hurricanes mean - thanks to the weather change. But, thanks God, they never came to destroy a whole town.