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08 February 2006


All the credit goes to Indy Pindy, Gary, O-Zone and Indy found a wonderful music video by Gary Brolsma, which has now become my favorite song. It's the Numa Numa Dance and Song.

As you can see, I am enthralled...

Go Gary...Go Gary!!!! U da man!!

THANKS INDY!!! I'll be up all night dancin'. I really like it!!!! I've got to get the O-Zone album. Cooool!


Winn said...

numa numa eh...
did she do the numa numa dance??

IndyPindy said...

I'm glad you like it Freda! It's very addictive, isn't it? My humans go around humming that song all the time now. My mom said she downloaded it at work and uses it to annoy her office mate. She said it works really well!

Freda said...

Hey Winn and Indy,

I'll take 'Crazy Person' for 1000 Greenies, please.

"He lullabied me to sleep last night AND woke me up with Numa Numa this morning".

Who is MY DAD!!!!?

"You're right!!! And our new champion!"



Splash said...

Oh man that is funny! I love videos with crazy humans. They are such a funny species, ya gotta love 'em.