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28 February 2006


Just a short postin'. We found an interestin' but scary story about the bird flu movin' into a cat. Please read the BBC story: BBC NEWS | Europe | German cat gets deadly bird flu. I know we canines like to chase you frisky felines but this could be really serious. So all you cats out there, DON'T EAT BIRDS!!! And to the canines, DON'T EAT CATS!!!

Dad is feelin' a little better... Oh, oh. A thunderstorm is approachin' so I'm suggestin' that we unplug our magic typer. Dad says that's a good idea.


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

This whold H5N1 thing really is a little worrying.

As you've said, be careful!

M-Fax said...

how is it going? Bosco says hi, site looks good.......

have a great day

whos talkin about cats!

HanktheDog said...

I guess if it can mutate to influence humans and cats, it could do the same for dogs. Guess we're all pretty related after all.

Freda said...

Hey Guys,

I hope this flu thing flies away reeelly fast. Even cats shouldn't get it.

I've heard that some humans don't think anything is related. Then nothin' would work. Even I know that.