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19 January 2006


After I spent some time cuttin' the rug tonight...

Where's my Greenie?

...Dad challenged me to a head to head Sudogku puzzle to calm me down. He made one two, one two (2) copies of a puzzle out of Mom's Su(dog)ku book. We went to our respective corners.

Dad with his wine and pen... He thinks he doesn't need to erase.

Oh, so smart he is.

...and I with my pencil and Greenie.

One there. One there...Hmmmm...
Ready? Begin!

As we got down to business, I knew this was goin' to be sooo easy.

I was done in less than one two, one two (One) minute. While I waited, I heard some weird noises comin' from Dad's corner. I had to cover my sensitive ears.

'Come on Daaad... What's your problemoooo? I'mmmm dooonnnnne... Come on! I've got things to do!'


'Okay! Let's see what we've got.

MINE. Looks prreeetty good, doesn't it?

He, He. There they are. One two, one two
(3) in a row! Gotcha!

'And now, yours?


Had problems, you did.

I like this game. I might challenge Dad tomorrow. Arf! Arf!

Needless to bark, Dad forgot to brush my teeth before bedtime. Rrrruff!


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hahaha, brill post!

Thanks for the laugh!

Freda said...

Hey Cream, Mark and your humans,

Thanks. It makes me feel good I can make someone smile.

I always enjoy your photos. It is nice to see happy dogs, happy humans and see the places they live and visit. Since I will never get to Hong Kong or other neato foreign places, I can travel the world through my dog friends' blogs. Thanks.

Woof! Ciao!


Charlie said...

Go, Freda, GO! :-)

- C

Winn said...

CUTE!! sodogku hahaha. i doubt if my dog knows how to sodogku.