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15 January 2006


This evenin' I was enjoyin' a rawhide chew while Dad was singin' in the shower. He was usin' our emergency radio for his tunes. All of the sudden I heard this ungodly screech-Roxanthin, you don't have to put on the red dye... Roxanthin..

What the....?

I rushed to the shower, my ears achin'! Oh, the screechin'!

Hey Dad. You alright? Should I call the police?
Is this an emergency? You're usin' that yellow radio.

I thought I might have to do a Lassie and Ruff, Arf, Arf (Call 911). But Dad came out and told me he was singin' (If that's what one calls it) to Roxanne by the Police. But instead of Roxanne he sang roxanthin. 'And what's that?' I asked. 'Roxanthin is a very concentrated red dye I use to use when feedin' the flamingos at the zoo', he replied. 'When Roxanne came out in late 1978 I changed the words a little.'

Well, maybe he could sing way back then, but I think he better consider just hummin' from now on or let me outside. PLEASE!


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

That was hilarious, thanks for the laugh! :D


Splash said...

Pink flamingos need red dye? How come Mulder and Scully never exposed this?

We wonder what color they are naturally, perhaps blue? Maybe like those flowers that change colors depending on what you feed them.

Freda said...

Hey Pete, Mark and Cream,

I've got to make some funnies once in a while or I would go crazy. My humans are so... so... human.
Arf! Arf!

Hey Splash,

Wild pink birds on sticks eat crustacea (brine shrimp, etc) that provide the red pigment (beta-carotene) that colors their feathers. It is very expensive to provide live shrimp for captive birds, thus the Roxanne, I mean, roxanthin which, is expensive in its own right.

Woof to all!


kan said...

Your humans are so funny. Maybe they should take their singing act to Las Vegas...ya know, what goes on there...stays there!

I especially loved the leather comment on The Whippy Curly Tails site. I know a certian furr ball that agrees with you...leather is for chewing.

Woof woofy to you, Freda!

Winn said...


was laughing in front of my PC at work.

Opps. boss's here :p

The Tart said...

LOL, Freda you are livi'n large!

The Tart

IndyPindy said...

Wow, I never knew that captive flamigoes were fed dye! My mom and dad went to Jungle Gardens in Florida last April and a young flamingo that had been hand raised at the park came up to my mom and started playing with her hair! Mom was a little nervous beause they have BIG STRONG BEAKS but the flamingo was VERY gentle.

Freda said...

Wow! Seems like flamingos were a hot button topic for a couple of days, but I think it was really Pretty in Pink's Molly Ringwald. Arf! Arf!


Here is a link to better explain the upside down feeding behavior of those pink stick birds: Flamingos.