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30 December 2005


Like I barked, checkin' things out is not always the best thing to do. I thought my Christmas was more or less over Christmas Eve. I was scopin' out the goodies under the shiny tree and noticed somethin' neato.

Hey. What's that? Hmmm...

It was soooo easy!

I think this is MINE.

Ooops! You didn't see that Tule.

A little flip and it came right out. It was poorly wrapped, Mom.

I'm satisfied. When do we go home?

Luckily the humans thought my behavior was cute. Ho, Ho, Ho. Hey, that's great! Mark another one down for the ol' Freda. Everything was still groovy.

So off to bed and that suger plum stuff.

Whoa! Matchin' beds.

Of course, on Christmas we always watch 'A Christmas Story'.

I want Dad to try that! It looks like fun.

Another rabbit!!!

Even though I opened one of my presents on the Eve, I got a couple more goodies the next morin'.

Come on Mom! Let's bake now!

I don't know what is says, but it sure is good!

The humans had a great time and hugged and kissed. All that stuff. But I wasn't satisfied until I got home and could really enjoy my treasures.


Did you notice I wasn't photographed wearin' those antlers? Did I wear them or not? My secret!

Hope everydog and human had a great Christmas.


Splash said...

Oh MAN those ultra cool alumininum xmas trees, our mom is obsessed with those. I prefer the kind you can pee on.

I got a large chewie and an enormous xmas tree stuffed thingie both of which Jewel immediately confisgated. I ended up chasing the Easter squirrel. Mom says you have bunnies instead???? HUH? What kind of place you livin' in bro?

Freda said...

Hey Splash and Jewel,

Happy New Year! Sounds like you got a lot of good stuff.

I think the jackrabbits here have ganged up on the squirrels or somethin'. My secretary says it could be that the largest trees around our place are palm trees. Maybe once the baby trees the humans planted have a chance to grow I can get my teeth into somethin' other than voles and an occasional dead bunny.

I joined your gang at Frappr. Cool.

Have a great 2006!



Sam I Am said...

It begins...
A dead tree, normally fair game for marking, is dragged into the living room. Ornaments resembling dainty dog toys are sprinkled over the branches but you can’t mark or mouth anything! The people are fiercely protective of this oddity. It is even strung with warning lights. The doggies huddle and discuss the matter. The oldest explains this seasonal madness to the youngster. "The people have gone mad - it will pass. Give it three weeks."

Soon, tons of food begin to fill the house - none of it for dogs! Next, huge overstuffed bags and boxes appear and are crammed into closets with no ceremony at all. The dogs have seen squirrels hoard in this way, but they are worried. When your people begin to act like squirrels no good can come of it.

Then strange objects appear - candles, odd dolls with pointed hats and beards. Worst of all, everything sports a ribbon around its neck. The dogs suspect that doggies will be the next thing festooned. .. The bags are hauled from the closets and everything is covered with inedible paper and, yes, more ribbon. Then the whole mess is arranged under the tree corpse and the dogs are warned that any urine will be sternly dealt with. One of the socks hung on the wall begins to smell like dog toys and pricey dog treats.Freda may you get all that you wisg for in the New Year,

To dogs, the Holidays are one long confusion extravaganza.
The earth spins faster. Sam I am reigns.
Actually, it’s pretty much like that for their people too…
but dogs don’t know that

Freda said...

Thanks Sam,

You put it very well. The holidays can be hectic. And soooo provocative.

Some of the traditions my humans had have ended and new ones are beginning. I think Tule's Mom puts up the silver tree so Tule and I won't be inticed to pee on it. Arf! Arf!

This is the third year my humans have had corn husks (tamales) on Christmas Eve. No more turkey or ham! What's goin' on here? New traditions.

All of the puppy humans in our family live in galaxies far, far away now. They still have old fashioned Christmases like yours.

I hope you and your humans had a great time and your wishes came true.

Thanks again for the great piece.



The Whippy Curly Tails said...

You are such a great dog!

We had a tree this year and mom was so dissapointed that we did not climb the tree. We did knock all the ornaments around!


The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!

IndyPindy said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas Freda! I got to open my own presents too, I love doing that. I got FOUR rope toys this year! Awesome! And a Kong Jack toy from my mom. I love it.

Happy New Year!

Freda said...

Wow Indy!

I want to go to your house for Christmas next year. What great toys!

You guys out there on the Easter coast, have a wonderful NEW YEAR.