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02 December 2005


I finally get to really abuse use MY new typer. But now my secretary may have to drive 60 miles to Sacramento every day all this month for jury duty. Yea, I know it is his duty (He may be in the docket some day and wish there were some smart humans in the jury crate), but I am ready to get bloggin' again and now this comes up.

Anyway, I've got my wallpaper up and a few photos down/uploaded. Now I just need somethin' to bark about.

There, that looks good. What a beauty!

Now to get down to 'beeswax'.

It was a dark and rainy night... The day before the big food day I spent much of the day waitin' for Tule and her humans.

Soon after she got here we went on a walk. Down the street we came upon a herd of deer. For some reason they didn't run off. We got really close. They smelled kinda funny. Maybe they were frightened. I have heard what happens when deer are 'caught in headlights of a car'. Maybe...

What headlights?

Turkey Day was great. First we watched the parade.

Hey, there's Scooby!!

Then for dinner the humans had sauerbraten, potato pancakes, gravy, scalloped oysters, red cabbage and gooseberry pie. We got some of the sauerbraten and p-cakes. Ruff! Ruff!

The humans tried two new 2004 Chardonnays from Bogle Vineyards. Both from the same grape. One fermented in stainless steel

and the other in new American oak.

Dad said there was a sutble difference. Of course he liked both. But he couldn't wait to open the Carvalho California Madeira he bought at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg. He said mmmmmmmmmm or somethin' like that as he sipped and chewed on dark chocolate.

Then that evenin' I watched some movie about a Captain Nemo or somethin'.

Isn't there a big squid or something in this movie?

while Tule caught some zzzzzzzzzzzs.

What a great day.

Got to go. My typist wants to catch a program about The Concert For BanglaDesh. The first and the best.
Kinda cool. Tule's dad and his new band are playin' their first gig tonight in Oakland.

P.S. No jury duty for at least another week!


M-Fax said...

great pictures!

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Great wine, great mac and great pics!

Thanks for sharing.

Freda said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks. When my old PC crashed and burned I lost way too many photos. Now I am backin' them up a lot. It's a lot easier on the iMac. I am trying to get some ducks in a row for my blog and keepin' track of my friends' blogs.