My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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02 October 2005


This is Raider.

What a cutie! Posted by Picasa

He looks like he could be my son. He is soooo handsome.

Mom and Dad were in Vacaville (Another story) and saw this cute puppy guiding his humans up a hill. Mom* asked if they could take his picture. Raider's humans happily gave their approval and click. Here he is. I can't get over how handsome he is. Black and tan, just like me.

Guess who? Posted by Picasa

*You noticed that Mom asked for the photo op. Hmmmm...Is there a hidden meanin' in there somewhere? I haven't noticed any extra beds, toys, treats...

Many thanks to Raider's humans for letting Mom and Dad catch a real Raider.


IndyPindy said...

Raider is very cute! He looks like he'd be fun to play with!

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Woof Woof Freda....he is a cute guy....but you are the cutest!!!

Thanks for dropping by...Blackie =^..^=

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South.