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07 September 2005


Bob Denver Is Dead at 70; Star of 'Gilligan's Island' - New York Times

My secretary was sadden to read that Gilligan passed away last week. He sang the Gilligan song to me and now I can't get it out of my head. GREAT!

All I know is that if they had had a dog on board they would never have gotten lost or would have been rescued a lot sooner. Those humans. Hey! Are there any dogs on 'Lost'? I don't know. I don't watch it. I bet there aren't any. Hmmm....

Three hour tour..three hour toooooooh! ARF!!!

1 comment:

L^2 said...

Hey Freda,

We think you're right about them needing a dog on Gilligan's Island.
There is a yellow Lab on "Lost" named Vincent. He's always running off, investigating the island. We think he'll be the one who finally gets all those people rescued. :-)

--LD Willow & Stella