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04 August 2005


Several weeks ago a large green patch of grass appeared just a block from my house. Yesterday I thought I might check it out.

Our new poop and pee 'park' and my new
vole hunting ground.
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I was feelin' lucky. You know the feelin'. The wind was right, the humidity just right to carry that scent that drives you wild. The lighting was perfect. No, not the opposite sex, that happens to be fixed anyway. The game! Those wild critters!

Great vole trails Posted by Picasa

I was very excited cuz I found signs of my favorite prey, THE VOLE. There were lots of burrows and trails.

I know something's there. Posted by Picasa

I sniffed lots of burrows until I caught the fresh aroma of a little itty, bitty, warm body. I lie in wait.

Okay, I'll wait. Come out, come out where ever you are.Posted by Picasa

And wait, and wait. Okay, maybe I'll dig a little. Then all ... 'Freda! Behind you!' Behind me? Where's that?

Say what? --- 'See ya sucka!' Posted by Picasa

Guess my third eye missed him. Luckily (Unlucky for my pride) my chronicler got a shot of my prey. Even luckier, Mr. Vole didn't turn around and bite me in the...

Well, you can understand why my tail was draggin' the rest of the day.

Cart rudder Posted by Picasa

I moped (Nothing to do the Moops that invaded the Iberian peninsula a long time ago.) around knowing that I had missed my chance of finding a new playmate. Those voles that Dad pulls out of the traps just don't hit the spot. Yeah, as few sniffs and a toss or two but no cheese chase.

'It's the real thing'. No HFCS* in it. (*See previous post.) Posted by Picasa

So today Mom and Dad brought home a 'vole'. ARF! ARF! [(HA! HA!) ed.]

So that's a 'vole' you say? Posted by Picasa

You've got to be doggin' me! Do I look like a cat to you?

Now look into my eyes... Repeat after me. This is
not a vole. This is not...
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Well, they tried. It is fun, though. And after I slobbered all over it it kinds smells like a slobbery dead 'vole'.

Well, I guess I can use it for vole tossing practice. Posted by Picasa

If I wish hard enough and eat all my peas...maybe... Posted by Picasa

I'm going back to sleep. I MUST be dreamin'.

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