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27 February 2005


Due to a very long power outage at an inopportune time this post is a day late. Thanks PG&E.

While my macho, (HA,HA!) human was doing his back exercises this morning we were listening to NPR. I heard two stories this morning that I thought my friends might find interesting. The first story made me happy while the second made me sad. Now there is a book our humans can read to us. I thought the story they read on air was great. See
NPR : 'Stories for Your Dog,' a Lulu of a Read. Lulu is rather pretty. Please see NPR : Cancer Could Wipe Out Tasmanian Devils about the terrible fate of half of the Tasmanian devils in the world. My humans visited Tasmania way back when while they were living in Melbourne. They didn't see any tazzies but really liked Hobart - (Wikipedia) and the Port Arthur penal colony. My humans say that the devils are really neat animals, as are the other marsupials.

When we went back with our son ten years ago, Mom got to bottle feed a joey when we stayed at
Silky Oaks Lodge. Looking at the web site,

Stop! I didn't start this post as a travelogue. See one thing leads to another when my human is given free rein. I leave for five minutes and he has flown half way 'round the world. As editor, what I say goes. To teach my typist a lesson I have struck out his little monologue, but have agreed to stick it at the end of this posting in case someone might want to read it. My typist can get carried away when reminiscing about Australia. Maybe more later. Much later for my money.

When we went back with our son ten years ago, Mom got to bottle feed a joey when we stayed at Silky Oaks Lodge. Looking at the web site, it has been greatly upgraded since we were there. Then there were only 20 cabins, no spa. Much more rustic. We liked that. Only two or three of the cabins were occupied at that time. If you check out the site, my son and I swam in the pond in front of the lodge and fed the fish. AFTER our swim, we were told to be watchful of salt water crocs. They were known to come that far up the river. We also

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Splash said...

Hi Freda,

We saw the news about the power pole falling down. PG&E says it wasn't thier fault, a pickup truck was chewing, no I mean it HIT the power pole and knocked it down.

Kind of like when I get caught having chewed up something.....chewing, that makes me think....hmmm gotta go find something to put in my mouth.....hmmmmm rrrrrr!