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01 January 2005


Happy New Year is not a particularly a good phrase this year due to the tragedy on the beaches surrounding the Indian Ocean. Maybe after a while I will post my Christmas thoughts, but now is not an appropriate time. Another worthy organization to donate money to is Doctors Without Borders. The monsoon season is beginning now in this region hampering the relief efforts. They need all the help they can get.

I think one resolution one can make this year is "I will donate what I can to help those in need." What's a few missed cups of coffee, Krispy Kremes, a couple bags of fries, a new neck tie or purse? A donation would certainly help make some tsunami victim's new year better than what they have now. Or maybe it is a homeless person here at home. We have more than enough. Don't we.


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Cal the Wonderdog said...

There are some great humans in the world, very good to see people coming around and helping others. the tragedy is horrible, but there is hope when I read the kind of news about people helping others instead of the news about humans who are killing each other. Unfortunately both are going on in the world big time right now.

Why can't humans rally around peace in the Middle East like they do around helping natural disaster victims?

Oh well, back to the big drinking bowl in the bathroom, my humans finally took that bleach thing out of it so now its safe to drink from again. Ahhh, so cool and so clear . . .